Foot Washing in El Salvador

I have enjoyed writing to heal for years and find it an honor to have anyone looking at the thoughts I pen on paper.  I am posting a video of a missions trip I took to El Salvador that would loose some of it's effect without a personalized story.  Please take a moment just to …

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The veteran who left the hospital, healed. This is a story that I witnessed of someone I knew, the accounts are real.  I simply went into the hospital room and did as Daddy directed me and was just as shocked as everyone else, when He did far more than I ever could. 

Bringin miracles to bars, Jesus style

I want to share the enthusiasm of living for Daddy with the world because I intend to leave my mark on it.  Miracles are a way of life for me because I broke off mindsets of warning that the religious spirit places on people; that ministering in the marketplace can only be done under a …

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Don’t keep the limp A man believes that He must suffer as an answer to prayer. That mindset bothers me, especially after my own deliverance because it was how I was taught to believe in church. I actually felt closer to Daddy if I was depressed which is nothing more than a sneaky lie of the enemy to …

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