The specific suggestions of satan

The enemy first attaches to unbelief either through the parent (womb assignment) or to the child through suggestion after birth. Satan suggests through a huge gamut of opportunities where a care taker breeches trust or rejects the child, resulting in unbelief in God.  Because we are all spiritual beings, this transference of emotion can occur …

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Spare us, don’t have sex

The very foster care system our country implements is meant to always reconcile the child with the parent who passed him off to strangers, stating that DNA makes that bond more powerful then love.  That however is based on foundational beliefs of the world that view procreation as a right, not a Holy responsibility.  It …

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Footwashing for Scarlet A

I was that chic who was deemed sinful because of my shady past and many women in the church hung onto their husbands when I walked into the room. However, as Daddy God would have it, I was the perfect candidate for a foot washing.  Seems like the timing of re-visiting past memories on Easter …

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