The specific suggestions of satan

The enemy first attaches to unbelief either through the parent (womb assignment) or to the child through suggestion after birth. Satan suggests through a huge gamut of opportunities where a care taker breeches trust or rejects the child, resulting in unbelief in God.  Because we are all spiritual beings, this transference of emotion can occur …

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The little me inside

Haven’t we dumbed down faith into clichés of, “moving on” without focusing on the past?  There must be something really scary about looking into our pasts if we can’t do it as a body of believers.  After all, many of us have come from dysfunctional families into church so we can make sense of what …

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Thoughts at Conception

We have all been an embryo at one point in our lives. We were each a thought in Daddy’s mind before our conception. We are each spoken for, loved and accepted because we were birthed from heaven. We were spiritual first. It is for such a time as this that believers upon the earth spiritually …

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