Our God is strong enough

http://youtu.be/IV9hvXou53w After the Columbine shooting Daddy broke out in Spirit to heal the land. His arm is not short that it cannot save. Do not despise small beginnings for nothing is wasted. In this hour upon the earth, death is losing its sting and a new army is rising to expect the impossible and pray …

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Stories to tell

This year I have had tons of night dreams that confirm direction for my life and prayers.  I will be sharing the excitement of what Daddy has done in my life for the sake of His goodness to become contagious.

The Holiday

It's a known fact that I am very excitable over the Holidays. I know I'm not alone in this because many of my friends with kindred spirits share the same enthusiasm. It is also well known that I critique every movie from a spiritual perspective in hopes to speak educationally about why we are moved …

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