Angie Andrews Eyesight YouTube: Spiritual Dream, Tattoo, & Piercing Interpretation; Prophetic Deliverance & Healing

Specializing in trauma and abuse, I have 18 years experience with recognizing the spiritual root that anchors eating disorders, PTSD, trauma and reactionary behavior, abuse, sexual confusion and identity disturbances specifically laced to in-utero rejection and consequential rejection in early childhood. My personal research with countless youth and adults has afforded me to create an Emotional Teaching Perspective (ETP) which can help my clients recognize the root of their emotional distress instead of just putting out fires that arise in daily routine.  

I have been certified as an itinerant minister through Global Awakening Ministry school in 2012 which affords me the opportunity to practice as a Pastoral Counselor through their continued education program. Beyond my B.S. degree in Family Studies from the University of Maryland I completed two years of study at the IFS institute where I am awaiting accreditation of psychotherapy that helps re-wire brain passageways associated with memory that debilitates the inner child from growing older within.  I have integrated volunteer work with CASA and Christian camps who aide DFCS and non-governmental ministries associated with trauma rehabilitation and plan on coupling Christianity with counseling for local faiths.

Pastoral Counseling services are available in the Kennesaw Georgia area at


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