Spiritually dismantling pain

After years of scheduling three or four doctors’ visits in a week I relate well to afflicted patients and misunderstood medical phenomena.  I have had my chart flagged in many physicians’ notes for being a hypochondriac and I repelled people when seeking prayer at church.  Now, being on the other side of relying on a …

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Unbelief hurts

Unbelief is the worst thing we could do according to Jesus, He actually left towns who saw miracles but remained skeptical. This tragedy keeps Holy Spirit bound and unable to prove that Daddy gives blessing and doesn't take it away. I'm sorry that Christian culture lacks belief in a miraculous God who flows in the …

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Suffering can advance you.

Dan Mohler has much more to say If I recorded all of my racing thoughts, my thousands of questions I have on a daily basis, or typed up the stack of journals that are as tall as I am, I would still find new angles of argument to present to The Lord.  It seems that the …

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