Sex trafficking in my backyard

About 3 months ago the Atlanta Airport had a shutdown.  No flights were able to leave or arrive because of the so-called "Black-out", which negated flyers from reaching their destinations.  Could it have been legit?  Maybe, but I seriously doubt it since the predictions of child trafficking running through their airport has become the first …

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See me for myself

First of all Lord I'm sorry that I have believed I can heal another human. Look deep within my soul and cleanse me from undue responsibility. I'm sorry that I've believed I could do a better job than You at ministering to a loved ones brokenness. I'm so sorry for seeking love from people first …

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Murder gene is bound to emerge

Since man does not trust God, and since the church has persuaded the world that God is the source of all their pain, we have a society seeking self-rule, freedom from the imagined tyranny of God.  The message of judgment and wrath has embittered the world against God, giving opportunity for man to create a …

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Chronic ANYTHING causes cyclic chaos

I at least have a brain cell and won't succumb to the average, normal, status quo way of indulging an escape from relational, emotional and physical pain.  If I have come this far in life and endured the creaking of arthritic joints, pain in my vagina, over-firing of nerves in my legs, debilitation of muscle …

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Ministry can’t satisfy

Tradition can go on for decades because of knowledge and organization, but that doesn’t mean love and Holy Spirit lead it. One of my favorite quotes is, “I have respect for tradition, but I’m passionate for truth”.  Anyone can create their own truth and commit to living it out, but few ask Daddy what He …

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Pool Date Endings

This BARES repeating since summer is coming to a close

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

That plan failed miserably.  The moment he parked his car we walked toward each other and he kissed me, grabbing my waist and pulling me seductively in.  I loved it.  The rush, the intent, the feel of someone choosing to get that close when I had been pushing people away successfully for over a year. 

Don’t go there, don’t go into re-thinking what you did or could have done differently.  Don’t replay the day, don’t replay the dialogue, don’t label yourself as anything.  Breathe, stare off into space as you sit if you must, but don’t listen to the questioning thoughts that are old and familiar.  Did he lose interest that fast?  Did I look ugly to him without my make-up on?  Did he really play me?  How could I have denied the obvious, that he put in the effort for a hook up and stopped as soon as he…

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