The Covering

The idea to create a quick read from the parent to a child evolved after three years of working with teens through IFS Therapy, who were quieted through control, religion or other persuasions from a role model. In hopes that a light would turn-on inside the adult, I longed to bring illumination to teaching and …

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Abstaining from my hungry part

I never have found success in abstinence of anything and lean hard on the side against programs which support them, especially when it comes to food.  Take away the obvious problem of needing calories to sustain life and brain power, when we start manipulating our intake of them for psychological peace, all we do is …

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Murder gene is bound to emerge

She has boobs and I thought that was a dead give away, but apparently, nothing is certain anymore. Since man does not trust God, and since the world has persuaded the church to embrace dogma as the remedy for all of their pain, we have a society seeking self-rule, freedom from the imagined tyranny of …

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Find the ONE who formed you to follow

I always say, “God don’t make trash” which means he doesn’t give the birth defects, the autism, the gay gene, the vehement temper, the addiction, anxiety disorders, depression or disease we suffer with, because we are knit together perfectly in our mothers womb. And every single one of us shot out of a woman's womb.  …

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Fitness model exercises wholeness steps

To walk out a life of wholeness, one would first have to know what one wants out of life.  Some people don't want to know why they suffer because they are afraid of uncovering something big that would stir up even more chaos.  I have never been such a person, usually I use chaos as …

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Religion is relinquished

The reason why many question God’s goodness when they wonder where he was when they chanted scripture like a mantra, has to do with relationship. Satan quoted scripture, how else will knowledge puff up? Big deal, plenty of worldly people are successful for studying what other people don’t take the time to. You are called …

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Liberty on Father’s Day

I grew up on 1810 Liberty Rd and received the scripture Matt 18:10 about three years ago when I was reconciling my heart to my Father in heaven and my earthly one. These truths can break down damage done in childhood but only when inner healing takes place. Much of my own journey has utilized …

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Going LOW to gain something

My focus on writing my book has made video snippets a fun reprieve from spending most days with pen to paper. Trying to manage time that gets caught up in the thinking process can be frustrating, but dealing with people as the alternative takes a lot of exhausting energy. So my latest adventure with getting …

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Circling Circumstances

I think it is wild how the prophetic words I get have about a 10 year manifestation period. I started quoting from Corrie tenBoom years ago and bought the book as gifts. Not suddenly, but appearing as suddenly, everyone is circulating quotes. I’m understanding it is because The Lord wants me to pray for the …

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Phillips Restaurant Retires

The closing of Phillips Crabhouse seems so surreal because it launched me into independence after graduating high school. I was kicked out at age 15 and became resourceful quick, learning that the restaurant industry was a lucrative business and when living at the beach was an option, I jumped on it. I was so different …

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Can’t report what isn’t known

Many people don’t consider a parent’s rage as being abnormal because living through it is their normal. Many don’t consider physical abuse as being abnormal because living through it is their normal. Many don’t consider their parent abandoning them, never knowing them or scapegoating them is neglect, because unfortunately it is all they know. Every …

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