Vexing vaccines change the classroom

I was an autistic therapist 18 years ago embarking on a career that I believed would allow me to heal families. I felt in my spirit that autism would become an epidemic but was naive of the great influence vaccines had on its propulsion. When I started working with twins who were both diagnosed with …

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Shooting “school scares” symbolize suggestion

Sadly, Facebook has been bought and paid for, yet another political avenue to have the mass population drink the juice about diseases spreading, autism being contained through food, the paleo diet being a sudden new invention, opiates aiding pain and teens going on shooting rampages for the glory of a massacre.  Why else do we …

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Surrogate to the youth

I tend to think in idealist ways and believe that we should always try to do something fearlessly and apologize later.  Too often however, I was told that I took action beyond the bounds and that my consequences would deter me a second chance.  Now, because I believe rules were meant to be broken, or …

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It takes a village?

I'm not sure how we migrated from two parents wanting to raise a child, to the governmental welfare system doing it?  The original mindset was to offer a shoulder to lean on when child rearing in African villages that honored the institution of family.  In our western civilization, we have turned it into entitlement; leaning …

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It has gone before you

I think schooling is the foundation for a future set-up, but I cannot negate that college is a multi-million dollar business that potentially erodes the infra-structure of learning. Post-poning life through experience can make the student believe he is re-inventing the wheel or make him a sudden expert on topics many have already tried and …

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Ignorance just happened 

So many political stereo-hypes Really? You're gonna drive a car into the CVS, just so you can steal the ATM? Are you aware of the stereotype that you are supporting right now? Black on black crime, instigated robbery because of hardship, one who already receives state and city subsidy, yet you are allowed to bust …

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Dinosaurs Pooped in my dream

Dreaming of dinosaur poop had a prophetic message when I was a child that has continued to play out in my adulthood. Being an Autistic therapist and studying trauma was a direction I took based on dreams that warned and instructed my life.   <a href=""></a&gt;