God helps even those who don’t help themselves.

If I say to someone, “You’re not pursuing God” based on what I see another doing; it’s not only faithless, but condemning also.  Whoa be to me, for if I believe that God only responds to those of us who consistently share Him, I could fall into pride and believe the same lies of the …

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Childhood deception dismantled 

We were all children once, where we believed someone who led us astray or into unbelief. If we recognize that knowledge, church, volunteering and agenda keep us from loving that child within us, we may actually grow up and become the success stories we were always meant to be. 

Retelling of Prophetic Accounts

Back in January of 2012, I asked the Lord to help make me more tolerant of other Christian views who had not “advanced” to my understanding of the supernatural.  I had grown to cling to my own types of teaching to the point of not being able to pick up a “normal” Christian book that …

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