The Judge

"It's amazing how movies can do that, lure you right into someone else's pain as it tears down your walls for the actors relationships while making your own vulnerable.  Your breath slows as you wait for every argumentative word to pack a punch of climatic ridicule and then you gasp when both people really shutter …

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Shake your fists at God

Why can't we express ourselves to God with anger? I'm angry but I'm told to repent and stuff it, how the hell is that being transparent with Daddy? Doesn't He already know why my heart is suffering? I've never adapted well to the "be good" type of Christianity that many appeal to. I know I'm …

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Are we the Walking Dead?

I think this should have been under the prophetic category all along.

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

Prophecy abounds today through social media and the news without anybody thinking twice about it’s validity.  I watch movies from a spiritual standpoint and cannot help getting over-zealous about all the messages warning people of the coming times.  In the 80’s we had numerous movies shoot footage of the twin towers being destroyed and now the truth has come out that our government was aware of the attack on 9/11.  How could this be?  Isn’t it the job of the government to be on our side and protect its people?  Get serious.

I have family in military and they won’t even watch the news because it’s bogus, using fear tactics and subtle half truths to cause dissension among Americans.  I’ve been warned by all of my kin in active duty, to shut down the smart t.v.’s, smart watches and anything that needs me to believe the hype of a massive…

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Surrender to save your heart, The Moth

I have always told stories since I was a little girl.  It wasn't until recently that I discovered performing your story before a live audience was a real deal.  This was created for me, the actress who never hit the silver screen but had numerous inquiries if I was famous.  Maybe it's the name Angie …

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I don't usually respond this way to homeless people, maybe my re-location has truly moved me into a new spiritual season after-all.   Every traffic light, every stop sign, every convenience store, every gas station, every park, every parking spot would be an opportunity for accosting my pockets from the 4,000 and climbing homeless who reside …

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