Dreams and Spiritual Insight

Dreams have so much to tell us about the pain we are carrying in our souls, the destiny we have yet to reach or the direction we should be taking on our path of life.  It is not always the pizza you ate before bed that gives you weird or lucid dreams at night, there …

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Ignorance just happened 

So many political stereo-hypes Really? You're gonna drive a car into the CVS, just so you can steal the ATM? Are you aware of the stereotype that you are supporting right now? Black on black crime, instigated robbery because of hardship, one who already receives state and city subsidy, yet you are allowed to bust …

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Dinosaurs Pooped in my dream

Dreaming of dinosaur poop had a prophetic message when I was a child that has continued to play out in my adulthood. Being an Autistic therapist and studying trauma was a direction I took based on dreams that warned and instructed my life. https://youtu.be/2rR5fDYYomk   <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rR5fDYYomk&feature=share">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rR5fDYYomk&feature=share</a&gt;

autism shouldn’t shatter dreams

I dreamt that dinosaurs left three mountains of poop in my backyard that I had to climb over.  I rested in between each pile of dung for a moment before trying to climb the next one.  After I finally got over the third mountain the dinosaurs would pace back and forth keeping me hedged in. …

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