Calling back prosperity

HEALTH: I want a 7 fold increase of healing to wipe out every assault against my body and its ability to function perfectly. I expect divine health and seek a return of wholeness in my physical body for every curse, word or assault that has afflicted it in both the spiritual and the natural. Healing …

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Dr. Wen raising the bar

When you dream about being naked in a dream it is interpreted as transparency. I love how this Doctor is campaigning for transparency among physicians in order to maintain patient trust. Sounds foundational to a Biblical model of truth and relationship, the fuel for holistic health.

How does my pain lie to me?

John Evans taught people with illnesses to stop asking, “Why did this happen to me?” and just describe what is happening.  He teaches them to replace the question “why do I have this illness?” with the statement “I have this illness.”  He says, “Once clients can throw away the ‘why me?’ question they are on …

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Bringin miracles to bars, Jesus style

I want to share the enthusiasm of living for Daddy with the world because I intend to leave my mark on it.  Miracles are a way of life for me because I broke off mindsets of warning that the religious spirit places on people; that ministering in the marketplace can only be done under a …

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