Cowboys can be calloused

I already know he thinks women turn tricks because they want to re-enact some rap song.  I wanted to believe in him but his crappy van was supposed to be a blessing?  How do you make excuses for a vehicle with obvious transmission issues, facial features that are flawed at best and no heat in …

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Svengali wears a cowboy hat 2/22

Something happens on the inside when you know you're walking on shaky ground but don't necessarily have to be. It's that lump in your throat and the heat that surfaces on your chest when you lie to yourself and proceed in a relationship that is screaming "caution". Nothing about the guy is transparent or quantifiable …

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The wind and its chimes

Wind chimes are mystical to me and I love to hear the tranquility of them ruminate through the air.  A  fascination with their majestic ways of filling the wind has grown for me almost as much as I look forward to hearing the birds chirp throughout the day.  Over a year ago I moved my …

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