Instinctively feeling un-wanted

I am bubbling up inside and I can't stop laughing out loud.  I take two steps from the kitchen to the hallway and I pause with my hand on my heart, grateful for the stories I have lived to tell about.  I take two more steps and I lift my hands toward the heavens because …

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Pool Date Endings

This BARES repeating since summer is coming to a close

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

That plan failed miserably.  The moment he parked his car we walked toward each other and he kissed me, grabbing my waist and pulling me seductively in.  I loved it.  The rush, the intent, the feel of someone choosing to get that close when I had been pushing people away successfully for over a year. 

Don’t go there, don’t go into re-thinking what you did or could have done differently.  Don’t replay the day, don’t replay the dialogue, don’t label yourself as anything.  Breathe, stare off into space as you sit if you must, but don’t listen to the questioning thoughts that are old and familiar.  Did he lose interest that fast?  Did I look ugly to him without my make-up on?  Did he really play me?  How could I have denied the obvious, that he put in the effort for a hook up and stopped as soon as he…

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The motherless orphan

If I told my story about feeling motherless to a person who was adopted, I could describe the similarities of orphan-hood easily.   The Lord has revealed to me that those of us who were unwanted by our earthly parents have grown up with that same feeling of abandonment that orphans have. My focus of communicating …

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For Far too Long

For far too long, I have carried physical pain in my body, perhaps my whole life. I attributed much of my pain to the emotional sufferings I endured and witnessed as a child. I didn't make that connection until I was hospitalized for an eating disorder many years ago. Perhaps developing a love/hate relationship with …

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Are we the Walking Dead?

I think this should have been under the prophetic category all along.

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

Prophecy abounds today through social media and the news without anybody thinking twice about it’s validity.  I watch movies from a spiritual standpoint and cannot help getting over-zealous about all the messages warning people of the coming times.  In the 80’s we had numerous movies shoot footage of the twin towers being destroyed and now the truth has come out that our government was aware of the attack on 9/11.  How could this be?  Isn’t it the job of the government to be on our side and protect its people?  Get serious.

I have family in military and they won’t even watch the news because it’s bogus, using fear tactics and subtle half truths to cause dissension among Americans.  I’ve been warned by all of my kin in active duty, to shut down the smart t.v.’s, smart watches and anything that needs me to believe the hype of a massive…

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I want to ask.

"Don't ask why, just do it", is hardly a way to lead others. People under the burden of the "just do it" crazymaker aren't free to ask why. Asking questions is considered rebellious, defiant, and insubordinate. Obedience, they feel, should be automatic and unquestioned. Yet to forbid questions greatly discourages the formation of responsibility in …

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Jesus had a tatt

I have heard a lot of religious jargon defining laws and making regulation of behavior simply because they feared man running rampant with sin.  Coming out of religious organization was the best thing I could have done and I knowingly did it despite the rejection I would receive from church folk.  Have I told Jesus …

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