Daddy is Amazing

I truly wish I could reveal all the insights that I am seeing but in this very surreal place that I find myself with Daddy, I am only able to pray in the spirit.  My heart is heavy with revelation of where He wants to take us as a body of Christ so my prayer …

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Reverence in retro-spect

1/19/14 I had the privilege of crossing paths with a woman seven years ago who would greatly shake the foundation of my belief system.  I was unaware of her strong determination and passionate approach toward God because she stands at 4 feet something and has a “little” demeanor, obviously because she is so petite.   The …

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Personality changes through sozo and deliverance

When I was a new believer everyone thought my call was evangelism.  I was fine with it because it made sense; I loved to share about Jesus with everyone because of the great darkness He rescued me from. I had an immediate boldness which was directly opposite of my personality prior to finding Him which …

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