Finally conscious of loving ego

"The promptings, guilts, fixations, transgressions, woundings, cruelties, and rejections of childhood forced us to manuever through the world inside the automobile of a false self.  Even though we, as children, initially stepped into the vehicle for protection and mobility, we gradually forgot our true essence which took refuge there.  We lost touch with our souls …

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Do strippers have souls?

Do strippers have souls? What kind of question was I hearing when asked this? My answer came from the need to educate some men who believed women were put on this earth for their entertainment. "All spiritual beings have the innate need to find acceptance and love throughout life. Daddy don't make trash, therefore anything …

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Sex Series, Impotence of the Church

  Sex is a hot topic, always has been.  Even in Jesus' time adultery, concubines, polygamy and homosexuality plagued people groups.  We even read of rape in the story of Tamar, yet people think our sex issues have suddenly emerged as technology increases and abuse abounds.  My beef will always be with two fundamental issues, …

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