See me for myself

First of all Lord I'm sorry that I have believed I can heal another human. Look deep within my soul and cleanse me from undue responsibility. I'm sorry that I've believed I could do a better job than You at ministering to a loved ones brokenness. I'm so sorry for seeking love from people first …

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Acne be gone

I don't know why I am moved to pray for the down and out, the rejected, or the socially depraved, accept that for most of my life I have been labeled one.  I guess praying for someone's acne is taboo, but what the hell do I care?  I am not in the business of praying …

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Murder gene is bound to emerge

Since man does not trust God, and since the church has persuaded the world that God is the source of all their pain, we have a society seeking self-rule, freedom from the imagined tyranny of God.  The message of judgment and wrath has embittered the world against God, giving opportunity for man to create a …

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