Breathing life of past prophecies

  12,11,13 In my need for organization, structure and chronological information, ie: control, I procrastinated in sharing very deep moments in Daddy’s presence.  With my new-found hope I am going to turn the writing over to the testimony of our Lord.  I am neither bragging nor boasting, but cannot keep buried the gratefulness that is …

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A Surgeon shares some surprises

A historical account of how politics, feminism, black lives matter campaigns, picketing, strikes, news coverage and poverty have shaped the American mindset to accept activism without calling it hate, was delivered by Dr. Damon Brantley, a black surgeon sharing a message in Camden County of Kingston Georgia. Without a system of accountability, every person makes …

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Calling back relationships

Find out what you want Justice for, and demand that the enemy repays you for every attempt to steal, kill and destroy your life.  Call back every blessing Daddy intended for your bloodline, especially those things that generations before you didn't fulfill. Come into the courts of Heaven and declare a righteous decree of recompense for …

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