Trust your intuition.

When what you have to say is better spoken on video, make a message board where those who want to pick up the pieces of their broken heart, can learn how to do it.

House Rules

I'm not throwing shade, I'm just trying to shed some light on the darkness. If teenagers were understood by their parents, there wouldn't be a problem with that stage of development, ever. But most rents can't communicate with their teens if the subject of faith is on the line."House Rules" generally demand that church going, …

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Rebounding into relationships

Rebound relationships seldom make it for the long haul because grieving the death of relationship is similar to a loved one dying.  When I interviewed a man who had been re-married for 20 plus years he simply stated that he regretted not being alone before starting to date again.  Loneliness has a way  of interfering …

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WAFFLEHOUSE & Wild Encounters

"Please don't air out all of my personal relationship rifts in front of all these people", was all I could think when the Pastor acknowledged my single-hood from the pulpit.  I thought for sure that my deepest, darkest sins were going to be put on blast before a group of strangers and let's face it, …

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Mental stimulation surpasses sex

Last time I checked a guy out with a glance over, was last weekend.  He had the physical attributes that I found appealing and seemed nice enough.  The key words are, "nice enough", because the description screams apathy, and is indeed applicable here.  As soon as I gazed upon him for 5 seconds I quickly …

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The Judge

"It's amazing how movies can do that, lure you right into someone else's pain as it tears down your walls for the actors relationships while making your own vulnerable.  Your breath slows as you wait for every argumentative word to pack a punch of climatic ridicule and then you gasp when both people really shutter …

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