The naked waitress dream

  I had a dream that I was waiting on people in a restaurant naked.  When I realized everyone was watching as I walked around in the dining room I stooped down to talk to my table quietly.  Then I was inside a fancy dressing room at a department store inside the mall.  The room …

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Systematic Dependencies

I like to identify with the apostle Paul and boast in my weaknesses.  I do this because I’m not ashamed to boast in my Daddy’s strength.   I knew I always needed help in life, I just didn’t realize I needed a Savior to get it.   My many weaknesses took me down a road paved with …

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Dr. Wen raising the bar

When you dream about being naked in a dream it is interpreted as transparency. I love how this Doctor is campaigning for transparency among physicians in order to maintain patient trust. Sounds foundational to a Biblical model of truth and relationship, the fuel for holistic health.

Hurricane Hermie

I've learned to keep my mouth shut about politics simply because I think it divides people instead of helping them, however, faith is a different story.  I have a brain cell, I'm not going to quote scripture to others or swag my finger in their faces if they have a different perception from mine.  These …

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