Doctor of Dreams

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A Greater Venture

Obviously this manager was determined to get me out of his establishment, and he did a great job.  His antics were nothing less than threatening and juvenile at best.  I felt completely degraded.  When I left I knew that nothing would appease him in the future if I stayed and I no longer felt safe.  …

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Breathing life of past prophecies

  12,11,13 In my need for organization, structure and chronological information, ie: control, I procrastinated in sharing very deep moments in Daddy’s presence.  With my new-found hope I am going to turn the writing over to the testimony of our Lord.  I am neither bragging nor boasting, but cannot keep buried the gratefulness that is …

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Prayer and Pizza

When spiritual authority needs you to comply with their mandates out of fear of your anointing, trust that Daddy will bring His plan through you to pass. Not every distraction or delay is from Him because people have their own agendas. Do not mistake control or circumstances for being Gods will just because they happen, …

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Healing through dreams

  1/14/16 I love going to sleep because my dream life is so captivating.  Everyone dreams but many don’t remember them when they wake up, especially if startled by an alarm.  For those of you who don’t believe you dream, you do, but something from childhood persuaded you to turn off the remembrance of them …

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The Holiday

It's a known fact that I am very excitable over the Holidays. I know I'm not alone in this because many of my friends with kindred spirits share the same enthusiasm. It is also well known that I critique every movie from a spiritual perspective in hopes to speak educationally about why we are moved …

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