You are more than your parts

Wow, when your emotions take a tumbling through life, it is powerful to learn how IFS Therapy can empower one to heal the past. Praying that I can couple Christianity and counseling through this model in a way that heals others who have been wounded from church practices. So much of “bad behavior” has been …

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Same spirits when serving food

I have hundreds of comedic clips as a server in restaurant life.  It ain't good, but it sure as hell becomes therapeutic when I make fun of the situations that occur when handling food.  I can't make this stuff up, people really do respond the same way in this industry because of spirits.

To stop the tanning tracks

There are moments we have that stop us in our tracks, tell us to slow down and soak up the intrigue of belief in something bigger than us.  This past week, such a moment occurred in my life through the interaction with a business that I was about to give up on.  I'm pretty loyal and …

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Religion isn’t love

  When you have been saturated in Charismatic circles as deeply as I have, there isn’t anything that seems weird after a while.   In my opinion, fame and fortune has swept Christian ministries in the past 10 years giving the pursuit of a pulpit more Glory than the One who created the possibility for it.  …

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History of hate shouldn’t repeat itself

It's important to not remove history because the same dysfunction will repeat itself.  It is also equally as important to not use a platform to spew hate in the name of love, just because you can, especially if you are a teacher or preacher.  There are far more people who are qualified to speak truth …

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The wind and its chimes

Wind chimes are mystical to me and I love to hear the tranquility of them ruminate through the air.  A  fascination with their majestic ways of filling the wind has grown for me almost as much as I look forward to hearing the birds chirp throughout the day.  Over a year ago I moved my …

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Shaming the scapegoat into secrecy

Too often, like in cases like mine, my abuser deeply wounded me within and I questioned why God put me in a family where betrayal was the norm. The act of trauma was a layer upon the already existing unwantedness in the womb, and my unbelief in authority figures and God felt like the same …

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Footwashing for Scarlet A

I was that chic who was deemed sinful because of my shady past and many women in the church hung onto their husbands when I walked into the room. However, as Daddy God would have it, I was the perfect candidate for a foot washing.  Seems like the timing of re-visiting past memories on Easter …

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