Surgical storytelling

I always knew instinctively that I was unwanted.  This is a spotlight on my story as I shared about my teaching in the hood of Savannah and how it healed my heart.


Murder gene is bound to emerge

Since man does not trust God, and since the church has persuaded the world that God is the source of all their pain, we have a society seeking self-rule, freedom from the imagined tyranny of God.  The message of judgment and wrath has embittered the world against God, giving opportunity for man to create a …

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Congressional Crap

In reality the donkey and the elephant are friends. Obamas kids and Trumps kids get special treatment and opportunity that normal kids never will. I worked in D.C. for three years and witnessed democrats and republicans trade suitcases with stashes of cash just so they could buy a vote through a lobbyist with a mistress …

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Celebrities and congress and deviancy.

What can I say? I'm not at all shocked at the nature of tabloids or the ignorance of neanderthals who put stock in the governments principals to set a standard. Why people partake in such ridiculous propaganda is beyond me but I suppose it is a lack of hope in ones immediate relationships. After all, …

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Savannah and its fall of Scott Waldrup

It is gut wrenching to know that gang life is on the rise on such a small populated city where hospitality is the major source for jobs.  We lost one of our own, Scott Waldrup who was 30 years old, to a violent crime of gang initiation in downtown Savannah.  With all the hype being …

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Suggestions for substances

It insults my intelligence to assume that I need to view prescription ads while watching tv. to insinuate it is my norm. I remember when this brainwashing tactic for the average person began some 10 years ago, and I'm even more saddened now that mainstream marketing has pimped out medicine and made people mindless when …

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