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This BARES repeating


Impotent beliefs of church

Most people believe that sexual behavior defines the person engaging in it. I have been the object of many conversations where "helpful" people were trying to figure out how to correct my identity issues that tagged me with a "bad reputation". Amazingly enough, church was impotent when it came to ministering to the core lies …

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Sex Series, Impotence of the Church

  Sex is a hot topic, always has been.  Even in Jesus' time adultery, concubines, polygamy and homosexuality plagued people groups.  We even read of rape in the story of Tamar, yet people think our sex issues have suddenly emerged as technology increases and abuse abounds.  My beef will always be with two fundamental issues, …

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Sexual Hang-ups with church

I am opinionated for sure because I have lived a full life.  I could go home to The Good Lord a happy daughter today, but I have two purposes on this earth left to accomplish; first, to educate believers about their need to be delivered of the religious spirit and, second, to dismantle lies about …

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The female body is emotional

Without a doubt I have had the discussion of female problems associated with UTI’s, Bacterial vaginitis and yeast infections with over 400 women in the past two years.  The number one connection to symptoms manifesting is always guilt, shame and fear associated with sex.  The sex could be through an affair, a one night stand, …

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