Trust your intuition.

When what you have to say is better spoken on video, make a message board where those who want to pick up the pieces of their broken heart, can learn how to do it.

Find the ONE who formed you to follow

I always say, “God don’t make trash” which means he doesn’t give the birth defects, the autism, the gay gene, the vehement temper, the addiction, anxiety disorders, depression or disease we suffer with, because we are knit together perfectly in our mothers womb. And every single one of us shot out of a woman's womb.  …

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Don’t date the shrimp, stay single

Why do we compromise ourselves when dating?  Does it really have to take 100 treks around the mountain for some of us to have a light bulb come on?  I have made numerous attempts to slow down the dating process in hopes to protect my heart but all it did was give the dude more …

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Religion isn’t love

  When you have been saturated in Charismatic circles as deeply as I have, there isn’t anything that seems weird after a while.   In my opinion, fame and fortune has swept Christian ministries in the past 10 years giving the pursuit of a pulpit more Glory than the One who created the possibility for it.  …

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Feeding what leads to well-being

  I am secretly envious of those who have never suffered with trauma and the subsequent pains that manifest from it because all unknown symptoms relate to the suggestion of satan who reminds us of memories endured.  And so the eyes close and the throat tightens and I plan into the future and then plan …

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History of hate shouldn’t repeat itself

It's important to not remove history because the same dysfunction will repeat itself.  It is also equally as important to not use a platform to spew hate in the name of love, just because you can, especially if you are a teacher or preacher.  There are far more people who are qualified to speak truth …

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Who I wanted all along

To pause and rest in God's presence is much different than getting a good nights sleep, I should know because I have suffered with insomnia most of my life.  I take many breaks over the course of my day because I need refreshment from Daddy, especially when peace deprived.  It is slowing my pulse to …

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House Rules

I'm not throwing shade, I'm just trying to shed some light on the darkness. If teenagers were understood by their parents, there wouldn't be a problem with that stage of development, ever. But most rents can't communicate with their teens if the subject of faith is on the line."House Rules" generally demand that church going, …

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