Calling back relationships

Find out what you want Justice for, and demand that the enemy repays you for every attempt to steal, kill and destroy your life.  Call back every blessing Daddy intended for your bloodline, especially those things that generations before you didn't fulfill. Come into the courts of Heaven and declare a righteous decree of recompense for …

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Stories to tell

This year I have had tons of night dreams that confirm direction for my life and prayers.  I will be sharing the excitement of what Daddy has done in my life for the sake of His goodness to become contagious.

Help yourself

I've been told that my helping others has been a distraction from working on myself.  Geez, isn't the best remedy to inner healing trying to help someone else heal?  What about getting out of my head and focusing on the welfare of another?  That has to do something for lifting the doldrums, right?  Well, not …

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Suffering can advance you.

Dan Mohler has much more to say If I recorded all of my racing thoughts, my thousands of questions I have on a daily basis, or typed up the stack of journals that are as tall as I am, I would still find new angles of argument to present to The Lord.  It seems that the …

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Put your spiritual eyes on 

My first video blog touching on some emotional elements. In a secular setting, I interchange the word emotional for spiritual because I don't want to get negative attention on my radar. The goal is to uplift and edify those who have been hurt by a system. I don't assume that everyone is down with Jesus …

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Gluten or Candida Overgrowth?

Many years have passed since my days of dealing with IBS, so I had some concerns when familiar symptoms started manifesting.  As far back as I could remember, I had frequent bouts of abdominal pain associated with either constipation or diarrhea.  I was the child who routinely went to the nurse every morning with stomach …

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Stark Reality; wholeness steps

A wonderful resource that Bear Creek offers is a five step prayer to wholeness after your deliverance.  I know it’s not by accident that since our group returned this week my friend Nikki reminded about this prayer. She and I were talking about the inner healing journey and I felt in my spirit that I …

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