Trust when a guy seeks sex.

Ladies, please trust a guy who says he only wants to have a sexual relationship. At least he is being honest about something even though it may persuade you to try to win his heart through sex. Don't fall for that either. Compromising your convictions to lay down with someone for the sake of being …

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Celebrities and congress and deviancy.

What can I say? I'm not at all shocked at the nature of tabloids or the ignorance of neanderthals who put stock in the governments principals to set a standard. Why people partake in such ridiculous propaganda is beyond me but I suppose it is a lack of hope in ones immediate relationships. After all, …

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Three criteria for a mate

Three criteria come up for me when I consider who NOT to date. I'm getting better at sniffing out who isn't compatible with me based on the suffering I have already lived through. Let's face it none of us are getting any younger so with each day that passes by, it is important to store …

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