Unashamed of my abortion

The many facets of my life can be collected in a storybook of healing. I have listened to countless stories from many people in their brokenness but the underlying message is one of shame and guilt. It is because I share my weaknesses like the Apostle Paul that I am unashamed of my abortion many …

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Spoken words of Success

I don't want to rationalize my circumstances in the same ways that the world does.  I don't believe the focus should be on the the bad thing causing us to see God in it, but rather it should be a focus of expecting Daddy to redeem Himself in the qualities that best describe Him: love, …

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Sex trafficking in my backyard

About 3 months ago the Atlanta Airport had a shutdown.  No flights were able to leave or arrive because of the so-called "Black-out", which negated flyers from reaching their destinations.  Could it have been legit?  Maybe, but I seriously doubt it since the predictions of child trafficking running through their airport has become the first …

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