Pool Date Endings

This BARES repeating


Stories nobody believes I’ve lived

Settling on Southern Soil, my snippet of stories that nobody believes I've lived. These are true accounts my friends, nothing fabricated or watered down because I poke fun at Christians and activists who believe strongly in their "cause", but don't support their server with a tip when they go out to eat. Waiting tables for …

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The motherless orphan

If I told my story about feeling motherless to a person who was adopted, I could describe the similarities of orphan-hood easily.   The Lord has revealed to me that those of us who were unwanted by our earthly parents have grown up with that same feeling of abandonment that orphans have. My focus of communicating …

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Rebounding into relationships

Rebound relationships seldom make it for the long haul because grieving the death of relationship is similar to a loved one dying.  When I interviewed a man who had been re-married for 20 plus years he simply stated that he regretted not being alone before starting to date again.  Loneliness has a way  of interfering …

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Shooting “school scares” symbolize suggestion

Sadly, Facebook has been bought and paid for, yet another political avenue to have the mass population drink the juice about diseases spreading, autism being contained through food, the paleo diet being a sudden new invention, opiates aiding pain and teens going on shooting rampages for the glory of a massacre.  Why else do we …

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WAFFLEHOUSE & Wild Encounters

"Please don't air out all of my personal relationship rifts in front of all these people", was all I could think when the Pastor acknowledged my single-hood from the pulpit.  I thought for sure that my deepest, darkest sins were going to be put on blast before a group of strangers and let's face it, …

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