Clean slate for 2017

The close of year 2016, sixteen meaning love, opens us up to seventeen which symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory”.  The one-liner we could all pray for 2017 is “God’s unending love is truly victorious over all things” and that promise is stated in John 3:16.  Much like a "baked on" cake pan, our …

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Be supernatural 

This is just a slight snippet of why I believe end time dreamers will become believers who point Christians into the spiritual call they were meant to fulfill.

Thankful for the ER

I can't believe green slime that glowed could be projectile vomited from deep within my body in such violent force.  My symptoms of stabbing pain in my intestines and back were uncontrollable and came on without warning.  My extremities became heavy and when dizziness made my head feel like it was spinning, I knew I …

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