Rogue at work

I have always quit my jobs or been fired from them unless it was an enterprise that I started or managed.  Maybe I'm a power junkie and need to utilize my decision making for big purposes because the mundane, routine operations of waitressing bore me and make me feel constricted.  I know it's easy to …

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Instinctively feeling un-wanted

I am bubbling up inside and I can't stop laughing out loud.  I take two steps from the kitchen to the hallway and I pause with my hand on my heart, grateful for the stories I have lived to tell about.  I take two more steps and I lift my hands toward the heavens because …

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Miraculous Healing of the Brain

I have heard so many testimonies while visiting with friends or passing through the grocery store and it disturbs me that I can't capture them in the moment. It is my hope to take captive of opportunities as they erupt instead of having to re-schedule them as I did in this scenario but I am …

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