The fish were obviously not fooled into eating the small stones that Bill Johnson was throwing at the pond’s surface, so he wondered aloud if they would eat a bee.  After all, a bee has a stinger and it could jab the poor little fishy’s throat.  As soon as the words left his tongue a …

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So many political stereo-hypes

Really?  You're gonna drive a car into the CVS, just so you can steal the ATM?  Are you aware of the stereotype that you are supporting right now?  Black on black crime, instigated robbery because of hardship, one who already receives state and city subsidy, yet you are allowed to bust out the windows of …

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Calling back prosperity

HEALTH: I want a 7 fold increase of healing to wipe out every assault against my body and its ability to function perfectly. I expect divine health and seek a return of wholeness in my physical body for every curse, word or assault that has afflicted it in both the spiritual and the natural. Healing …

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