Love and therapy

For most of my life I have felt like second best, always striving to earn acceptance and love. I don't believe I am alone in this which is why I use my testimonies as a platform to relate to others. In my search for significance I have sought therapy from a number of sources. My …

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Love instead of offense 

This is a hard topic for me and I have failed at it miserably, but hey, I am a work in progress.  Some people hold onto offense like a badge of honor, at least I don't want that anymore. We can't expect everyone to follow truth so we have to represent the Kingdom of heaven …

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Unbelief hurts

Unbelief is the worst thing we could do according to Jesus, He actually left towns who saw miracles but remained skeptical. This tragedy keeps Holy Spirit bound and unable to prove that Daddy gives blessing and doesn't take it away. I'm sorry that Christian culture lacks belief in a miraculous God who flows in the …

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