Healing for miracle dog

I had to pinch myself this morning when I woke up and wrote down my night dream because I realized the impossible had taken place in the natural and that is was confirmed as I slept.  My dog was physically healed through my dream, a request that I had put before The Lord more than …

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Laws of deception, attracting the wrong mate.

It is best described as a rubber band which gets held out and suspended for a long period of time.  With time the elasticity weakens and the shape cannot bounce back due to dry-rotting and cracking.  If left held out too long, the rubber band eventually snaps. What is left has to redefine itself another …

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Hurricane’s can’t take anything

I had a dream two nights ago where I was in the passenger seat and Daddy God was driving. We spoke to the coming hurricane together in a soft whisper, "peace be still" and declared calm over the raging waters. When I woke up I had incredible comfort knowing my Father in heaven trusts me …

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