Secular movies with shameless spirit

Someone asked about the teachings I brought into the Savannah Schools while I was a substitute.  Prophecy long before I had landed on Southern soil finally unfolded once I faced racism, loss and supernatural understanding in a foreign land.

“TAMMY” & Blowing up some fireworks

Sarcasm has become my coping strategy here in the South as I have tried to make sense of the Bible Belt having the highest rate of addiction that I have ever witnessed. I'm wondering if Northern states just don't have the cray cray of homeless addicts that the low country does, simply because it is …

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I think the most compelling scenes of any movie create a longing for redemption.  Someone has to gain insight that they captured through the witness of belief in another.  I like to wonder about the directors and the cast of each movie, often watching the out-takes or extra footage.  It has become a game between …

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No longer thinking

It insults my intelligence to assume that I need to view prescription ads while watching tv. to insinuate it is my norm. I remember when this brainwashing tactic for the average person began some 10 years ago, and I'm even more saddened now that mainstream marketing has pimped out medicine and made people mindless when …

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Trouble with the Curve

This two and a half movie clip is about the questions many of us ask when we are abandoned, rejected, misunderstood or confused because of another person's response to us.  Particularly, when adult children address their parents about an issue they grew up questioning, the response is much like what we see in Clint Eastwood's …

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The Holiday

It's a known fact that I am very excitable over the Holidays. I know I'm not alone in this because many of my friends with kindred spirits share the same enthusiasm. It is also well known that I critique every movie from a spiritual perspective in hopes to speak educationally about why we are moved …

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