Fire and brimstone

Is fire and brimstone a thing? I came last Thursday night on August 25th and was saddened by the “sermon”. I have to be desperate in order to have Jesus touch me? Do I have to pay the price of faith through fire and brimstone? I should have recorded this dude because he was trying …

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Retelling of Prophetic Accounts

Back in January of 2012, I asked the Lord to help make me more tolerant of other Christian views who had not “advanced” to my understanding of the supernatural.  I had grown to cling to my own types of teaching to the point of not being able to pick up a “normal” Christian book that …

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Voice of the Apostles conference 2012

Two years ago I was seeking a purity among believers that would represent to me the miraculous that Jesus walked in.  My marriage was struggling and my husband at the time had lost hope in church as an organization, he became frustrated with the politics of religion.  We ventured out to a house church and …

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