Our miracles are never wasted

If you consider personality differences than you realize seeing an arm grow out of a shoulder stump where there was no arm before, will provoke different responses in a group of people.  Same God, yet many testimonies will be shared of that event according to each person’s perception.  Our Father isn’t negated of performing that miracle just because some people walk away unconvinced.  Regardless of how skeptical a person is who walks away from witnessing that miracle, the effects of faith are demonstrated through the personal relationship of the one touched by Daddy.  The transformation happened within the soul and spirit of the one receiving the miracle; it bears no consequence if others disregard it.  In personality prototyping, this would be considered a strength in someone who blends in with others because the legitimacy of his experience trumps the interpretation of others.  My X-boyfriend fits this bill to a “T” and can keep his experiences to himself because it isn’t worth his energy to convince others of the same.  I on the other hand, would be giving an account and personal interpretation for everyone else around me based on the effects of the miracle.

Miracles should be personal as well as profound, so it makes sense that others who devalue God’s intervention in our lives, would cause us to compare our worth to others.  The power of suggestion is real and has always been a tool that discredits Daddy’s ability to manifest Himself in the life of someone deemed inferior or not walking out his healing.  Yet faith always reminds us that nothing is wasted.  I remember when I packed up to move as a teenager and threw a framed picture of Jesus into a box for storage as I left for college.  Five years later I got saved, and five years later after that, I pulled the box down from the attic. When I opened it and saw the picture of Jesus, the exact feelings of tossing it into the box returned to me.  My spirit was riveting with details of the memory and I wept as I remembered my lack luster approach to faith.  But as I brought the picture close to my heart I praised Daddy for meeting me where I was then, and for showing me how far I had come since.  It was like I had received the biggest affirmation of His strength to do what I could not do for myself.

My unique journey with Daddy often confuses the prideful people of their unsuspecting ways when they try to encourage me to change for the better and conform as they have.  I recognize these same onlookers questioning my walk, base it on scripture references about being equally yoked and deeming me solely responsible for the accomplishment of it.  I get it, I’m the demonstrative type so why not assume I can handle confrontation, but in reality I am not responsible for another person’s behavior.  My x’s personality became characteristic of the glue that proved he was always attached to Christ regardless of the perceptions of man, and it did not faze him when others prompted him to perform.  In his getting to know me for who I was, I didn’t have to change for him and in turn it slowed down my need to appease the opinions of others.

It became obvious that forcing a friendship with people who needed to prototype us by personality traits, was limiting all of our growths.  How we process is important.  It correlates perfectly with my being able to flashback to a moment in history and see a picture of my Savior anchoring all the years in between.  We are each capable of receiving the truth when it meets us in our personal circumstance, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes us.  When the revelation hits our spirit we walk out in new-found freedom that nobody can steal regardless of how long it seems to have been tucked away.

Daddy keeps me mindful of His ability to use it all, everything in my life.  Even when I fall asleep during worship, or take a year off from reading scripture, He is still pursuing me.  Our pursuit of Him was never what He needed in order to choose us; He chose us first with the guarantee that He would love us.  Now He wants us to love ourselves, and you to love you, because out of that relationship, identity is established.  Nobody can negate your testimony because it is a love story between you and your creator.  What your mate, spouse, teacher, fiancé, friends, leaders or any other human says about you doesn’t matter; it can’t sway His devotion to you. Daddy had you in the beginning and He has you now. There is nothing that can separate you from the love of God, not even the condemnation you heap on yourself or that others suggest. Nothing.  And nothing in your life will be wasted.



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