Surgical storytelling

I always knew instinctively that I was unwanted.  This is a spotlight on my story as I shared about my teaching in the hood of Savannah and how it healed my heart.


Vexing vaccines change the classroom

I was an autistic therapist 18 years ago embarking on a career that I believed would allow me to heal families. I felt in my spirit that autism would become an epidemic but was naive of the great influence vaccines had on its propulsion. When I started working with twins who were both diagnosed with …

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Miraculous Healing of the Brain

I have heard so many testimonies while visiting with friends or passing through the grocery store and it disturbs me that I can't capture them in the moment. It is my hope to take captive of opportunities as they erupt instead of having to re-schedule them as I did in this scenario but I am …

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Unashamed of my abortion

The many facets of my life can be collected in a storybook of healing. I have listened to countless stories from many people in their brokenness but the underlying message is one of shame and guilt. It is because I share my weaknesses like the Apostle Paul that I am unashamed of my abortion many …

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Three Little Words

I’d like to address reading this memoir “Three Little Words” from the perspective of an aspiring author who wishes to publish a similar story, my own.  I write down testimonies as they return to my memory just as this book captured the thematic childhood of those of us who have felt un-wanted throughout the course …

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Pilot Podcast: Her name is Octavia Her name is Octavia and I was destined to meet her because of what she taught me about myself.  Meeting her was what both of our spirits needed.  I didn't have clothes for her, but I had the unction to look at her in the eyes and see who she was in Daddy's sight.  …

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Fitness model exercises wholeness steps

To walk out a life of wholeness, one would first have to know what one wants out of life.  Some people don't want to know why they suffer because they are afraid of uncovering something big that would stir up even more chaos.  I have never been such a person, usually I use chaos as …

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