Bringin miracles to bars, Jesus style

I want to share the enthusiasm of living for Daddy with the world because I intend to leave my mark on it.  Miracles are a way of life for me because I broke off mindsets of warning that the religious spirit places on people; that ministering in the marketplace can only be done under a covering.  That directly usurps the authority of Daddy by placing it on man or a church when believers are cautioned to go out “two by two”.  My problem with these fear based suggestions is that they control people.  If I am being led by Holy Spirit I can go anywhere at anytime with my Daddy and follow His voice.  I need not fear being ambushed by demons, curse or backlash if I trust He has told me to go somewhere by His side.  It has been during times of pride or opinion that I have suffered when entering into unfamiliar territory, but He lovingly shows me what to do differently the next time.  I have come up against some huge principalities but once He gave me a dream to confirm what boundaries I have crossed that stirred up trouble for myself, I was able to repent and be cleansed from negative assignments.  At the end of the day, I am only accountable to Daddy and if I have walked before Him, He pulls me back by His side so I become better prepared for the next encounter.

3 thoughts on “Bringin miracles to bars, Jesus style

  1. annette prince

    Another GREAT entry – love your stories – love your presentation of the stories – and absolutely love your confidence in Christ !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t have time to go out two by two … I just stop as I go 🙂 can’t stand having it all planned … God stops me for the one at odd times … not planned by me … although I think it is a good start … however two by two can be intimidating for one on the street … get full of Him and leak!
    Blessings sister in Christ!
    God is Good!


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