Miraculous Healing of the Brain

I have heard so many testimonies while visiting with friends or passing through the grocery store and it disturbs me that I can’t capture them in the moment. It is my hope to take captive of opportunities as they erupt instead of having to re-schedule them as I did in this scenario but I am grateful to my friend Brad for sharing his story. He suffered six strokes in one day and was left an invalid, hospitalized for 30 days while having to learn how to tie his shoes and use a fork for eating. Why do these things happen to Gods people? In my opinion, the enemy targets those with the greatest call because he doesn’t want their anointing to persuade masses of people into faith. Brad is such a man, and he has overcome great feats in the physical and spiritual realm due to RE-wiring the passageways in his brain through neurological intervention. I too, have recently used vibrations and impulse therapy as well as breathing exercises to heal from PTSD and trauma from my childhood. Every single one of us has a chance to turn around the past by being prayerful in the present circumstances where all hope seems dim. Our very future depends upon the help from the kingdom through Gods children. Together we can utilize the latest technology to restore our heart and bodies that were meant to rejuvenate under Gods authority.




5 thoughts on “Miraculous Healing of the Brain

  1. A slightly different perspective, Angie: Christ tells us to “pick up our cross and carry it.” He bore the cross to heal humanity of our separation from love, suffering death as a result.

    On the spiritual level, those that do the same to a lesser degree may suffer strokes and cancer. Those infirmities are manifestations of the spiritual struggle. To those that remain firm in faith, however, those infirmities are loci through which God enters to bring healing – not just for the infirmity, but for the spiritual wound that can only be filled by Divine Love.

    We suffer these ills because WE wish to bring healing into the world – not because the enemy wishes to keep us in the dark. Through our willingness, God achieves his aims – and also heals us, just as He gave Jesus “authority to pick up his life and lay it down.”

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    1. And for responses like these I had hoped to meet when I visit my friends in LA, for no other reason except that it is nice to be in the company of like-minded people. I enjoy your critiques bc I agree 100%. Much love this holiday season, I’m planning my retreat out west for March. Thanks for all of your input.


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