Feeding what leads to well-being

  I am secretly envious of those who have never suffered with trauma and the subsequent pains that manifest from it because all unknown symptoms relate to the suggestion of satan who reminds us of memories endured.  And so the eyes close and the throat tightens and I plan into the future and then plan …

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Fitness model exercises wholeness steps

To walk out a life of wholeness, one would first have to know what one wants out of life.  Some people don't want to know why they suffer because they are afraid of uncovering something big that would stir up even more chaos.  I have never been such a person, usually I use chaos as …

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To infinity and Beyond Salvation

Since people are asking about the religious spirit and deliverance, I feel this is timely.

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

I used to doubt my ability to heal the pain in people’s lives when I knew they were influenced by an evil spiritual force.  I attracted witches, cult members, fairies, those practicing new age, hitch hikers, addicts, criminals, prostitutes, mobsters, strippers, vagabonds, abusers, trans gender’s, religious zealots, petifiles, innocent people lured by secret societies and Americans who believed yoga was nothing more than a form of exercise.  My fear in the power of satan to keep these people deceived was greater than my faith in Daddy to use me for their deliverance.  I knew the basis for most denominational and organizational control was the religious spirit, I just didn’t realize that I was sitting under it.  So when I brought these people I attracted to church with me because their troubles were out of my league to handle, I assumed those who bragged about supernatural power would be able to…

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Laws of deception, attracting the wrong mate.

It is best described as a rubber band which gets held out and suspended for a long period of time.  With time the elasticity weakens and the shape cannot bounce back due to dry-rotting and cracking.  If left held out too long, the rubber band eventually snaps. What is left has to redefine itself another …

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Why, I don’t understand

Why?  I've always asked why but never found the answer.  Asking why always left me with more questions so I built a defense mechanism through strength which allowed me to move on and focus on "doing" something about the facts instead of feeling the emotions.  If I asked myself, "what am I going to do …

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Authentically giving a rip about others.

When we walk out of a room others should feel your absence. Bringing the Gospel is about sharing your love relationship with Daddy to others. It need not matter if you are struggling or on a Holy Spirit High, being authentic about your faith in a God who loves you will set others free. I …

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God helps even those who don’t help themselves.

If I say to someone, “You’re not pursuing God” based on what I see another doing; it’s not only faithless, but condemning also.  Whoa be to me, for if I believe that God only responds to those of us who consistently share Him, I could fall into pride and believe the same lies of the …

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What deliverance Isn’t

Deliverance isn't a show put on for the church to point fingers at a lesser grade of Christian in their midst.  It isn't a call for sympathy, nor is it a chance for one to claim power that belongs only to Daddy in Heaven.  Deliverance has been misrepresented and abused by Christians who mean well, …

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