Dr. King meant well

Martin Luther King Jr. was an advocate for equality until his message coupled with politics and changed how the welfare system will keep people down. In my classroom today I was told by my black students that they hated me because of the color of my skin. I asked them why, because I was obviously a white chic who gave a rip about their opinion, and they said because I enslaved them. I told them I did no such thing, I am only responsible for myself. I apologized for the powers that be who have blamed white men for oppressing black men, but my question today is, “Why do you say that I enslave you when you sit here today with free food, free education and a free place to live while I work two jobs to make ends meet and treat you with kind”?

I shared how every people group has been oppressed by another one due to land ownership, caste systems, religious wars and all kinds of political agendas, like the one Pres Johnson had when supporting Dr. King. Then I reminded my students that they had off of school yesterday because of a man who did not believe he was enslaved to anything but freedom. And for his fight I pray they seek truth which will always set the captives free, and stop making me an object of generational mindsets fueled by emotion that all the rest of us have to contain. The world is full of oppression, it only defines you if you believe it does. You cannot hate others and only love your own.


2 thoughts on “Dr. King meant well

    1. I take that as a compliment because education is being forced down their throats but much of what they are learning is censored from conglomerate agenda, so much of their fight for justice comes from what they have heard. I am quite older but get them, and I think I’m really 25 anyway.


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