Surgical storytelling

I always knew instinctively that I was unwanted.  This is a spotlight on my story as I shared about my teaching in the hood of Savannah and how it healed my heart.


Miraculous Healing of the Brain

I have heard so many testimonies while visiting with friends or passing through the grocery store and it disturbs me that I can't capture them in the moment. It is my hope to take captive of opportunities as they erupt instead of having to re-schedule them as I did in this scenario but I am …

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Stories nobody believes I’ve lived

Settling on Southern Soil, my snippet of stories that nobody believes I've lived. These are true accounts my friends, nothing fabricated or watered down because I poke fun at Christians and activists who believe strongly in their "cause", but don't support their server with a tip when they go out to eat. Waiting tables for …

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I think the most compelling scenes of any movie create a longing for redemption.  Someone has to gain insight that they captured through the witness of belief in another.  I like to wonder about the directors and the cast of each movie, often watching the out-takes or extra footage.  It has become a game between …

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