Daddy God not only loves you but He likes you too.  The simple truth is that Daddy don't make trash. You are an extension of His perfection which is never to be confused with a subservient representation of His reputation. He is the giver of good and cannot give bad things.  That means all psychological, …

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I’m leaking

Draw a line down the paper and write from the younger side on the left with the Left hand. Being left behind. Being insignificant. I don't have what it takes to compete so I give up. I'm not ok, I'm leaking.  Visit the inner child. On the right side of the paper write from your …

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Thankful for the ER

I can't believe green slime that glowed could be projectile vomited from deep within my body in such violent force.  My symptoms of stabbing pain in my intestines and back were uncontrollable and came on without warning.  My extremities became heavy and when dizziness made my head feel like it was spinning, I knew I …

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