Secular movies with shameless spirit

Someone asked about the teachings I brought into the Savannah Schools while I was a substitute.  Prophecy long before I had landed on Southern soil finally unfolded once I faced racism, loss and supernatural understanding in a foreign land.


Time ensures a better scientifically, spiritual future

This week focus on what you have learned about yourself so far this year that has improved your quality of life compared to the start of 2019.  Make it a point to offer rest and reflection toward your relationships.  Anything or anyone who takes from you more than sows into you, needs to be placed …

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WAFFLEHOUSE & Wild Encounters

"Please don't air out all of my personal relationship rifts in front of all these people", was all I could think when the Pastor acknowledged my single-hood from the pulpit.  I thought for sure that my deepest, darkest sins were going to be put on blast before a group of strangers and let's face it, …

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Surrogate to the youth

I tend to think in idealist ways and believe that we should always try to do something fearlessly and apologize later.  Too often however, I was told that I took action beyond the bounds and that my consequences would deter me a second chance.  Now, because I believe rules were meant to be broken, or …

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Are we the Walking Dead?

Prophecy abounds today through social media and the news without anybody thinking twice about it's validity.  I watch movies from a spiritual standpoint and cannot help getting over-zealous about all the messages warning people of the coming times.  In the 80's we had numerous movies shoot footage of the twin towers being destroyed and now …

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It takes a village?

I'm not sure how we migrated from two parents wanting to raise a child, to the governmental welfare system doing it?  The original mindset was to offer a shoulder to lean on when child rearing in African villages that honored the institution of family.  In our western civilization, we have turned it into entitlement; leaning …

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Jesus had a tatt

I have heard a lot of religious jargon defining laws and making regulation of behavior simply because they feared man running rampant with sin.  Coming out of religious organization was the best thing I could have done and I knowingly did it despite the rejection I would receive from church folk.  Have I told Jesus …

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Taxing times under authority

Parables can be powerful.  They should be, Our Savior was the first to speak them with intent.  The messages hidden within the words were meant to draw the listener, the reader, the seer, and the knower into a baffling rendition of what could be interpreted on a surface level.  Jesus was deep and requires that …

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