Looking back

When we visit our childhood memories and feel them for a moment, we are able to embrace the emotions that surface for what they did to protect us as kids. Then we can accept that those reactions no longer serve us as adults. We can hand over those feelings to the mature self who rests …

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Left hand, left behind lies

Draw a line down the paper and write from the younger side on the left with the left hand. Being left behind. Being insignificant. I don't have what it takes to compete so I give up. I'm not ok, I'm leaking. Visit the inner child. Speak to her as the adult. Make it ok. We …

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Repression requires spiritual eyes

Past events that are too painful to comprehend create coping skills such as distortions, rationalizations, suppression or denial of feelings that often are misunderstood. Our brains are able to block out memories so our conscious can displace the shock or pain of events, especially trauma.  Often we cannot remember, creating a memory block of years …

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