Secular movies with shameless spirit

Someone asked about the teachings I brought into the Savannah Schools while I was a substitute.  Prophecy long before I had landed on Southern soil finally unfolded once I faced racism, loss and supernatural understanding in a foreign land.


Three Little Words

I’d like to address reading this memoir “Three Little Words” from the perspective of an aspiring author who wishes to publish a similar story, my own.  I write down testimonies as they return to my memory just as this book captured the thematic childhood of those of us who have felt un-wanted throughout the course …

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Stories nobody believes I’ve lived

Settling on Southern Soil, my snippet of stories that nobody believes I've lived. These are true accounts my friends, nothing fabricated or watered down because I poke fun at Christians and activists who believe strongly in their "cause", but don't support their server with a tip when they go out to eat. Waiting tables for …

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Shooting “school scares” symbolize suggestion

Sadly, Facebook has been bought and paid for, yet another political avenue to have the mass population drink the juice about diseases spreading, autism being contained through food, the paleo diet being a sudden new invention, opiates aiding pain and teens going on shooting rampages for the glory of a massacre.  Why else do we …

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“TAMMY” & Blowing up some fireworks

Sarcasm has become my coping strategy here in the South as I have tried to make sense of the Bible Belt having the highest rate of addiction that I have ever witnessed. I'm wondering if Northern states just don't have the cray cray of homeless addicts that the low country does, simply because it is …

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Are we the Walking Dead?

Prophecy abounds today through social media and the news without anybody thinking twice about it's validity.  I watch movies from a spiritual standpoint and cannot help getting over-zealous about all the messages warning people of the coming times.  In the 80's we had numerous movies shoot footage of the twin towers being destroyed and now …

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Ignorance just happened 

So many political stereo-hypes Really? You're gonna drive a car into the CVS, just so you can steal the ATM? Are you aware of the stereotype that you are supporting right now? Black on black crime, instigated robbery because of hardship, one who already receives state and city subsidy, yet you are allowed to bust …

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autism shouldn’t shatter dreams

I dreamt that dinosaurs left three mountains of poop in my backyard that I had to climb over.  I rested in between each pile of dung for a moment before trying to climb the next one.  After I finally got over the third mountain the dinosaurs would pace back and forth keeping me hedged in. …

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