Dreams direct your steps

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Looking back

When we visit our childhood memories and feel them for a moment, we are able to embrace the emotions that surface for what they did to protect us as kids. Then we can accept that those reactions no longer serve us as adults. We can hand over those feelings to the mature self who rests …

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To infinity and Beyond Salvation

Since people are asking about the religious spirit and deliverance, I feel this is timely.

Revelations From Daddy in Heaven

I used to doubt my ability to heal the pain in people’s lives when I knew they were influenced by an evil spiritual force.  I attracted witches, cult members, fairies, those practicing new age, hitch hikers, addicts, criminals, prostitutes, mobsters, strippers, vagabonds, abusers, trans gender’s, religious zealots, petifiles, innocent people lured by secret societies and Americans who believed yoga was nothing more than a form of exercise.  My fear in the power of satan to keep these people deceived was greater than my faith in Daddy to use me for their deliverance.  I knew the basis for most denominational and organizational control was the religious spirit, I just didn’t realize that I was sitting under it.  So when I brought these people I attracted to church with me because their troubles were out of my league to handle, I assumed those who bragged about supernatural power would be able to…

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The Judge

"It's amazing how movies can do that, lure you right into someone else's pain as it tears down your walls for the actors relationships while making your own vulnerable.  Your breath slows as you wait for every argumentative word to pack a punch of climatic ridicule and then you gasp when both people really shutter …

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Surrogate to the youth

I tend to think in idealist ways and believe that we should always try to do something fearlessly and apologize later.  Too often however, I was told that I took action beyond the bounds and that my consequences would deter me a second chance.  Now, because I believe rules were meant to be broken, or …

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I want to ask.

"Don't ask why, just do it", is hardly a way to lead others. People under the burden of the "just do it" crazymaker aren't free to ask why. Asking questions is considered rebellious, defiant, and insubordinate. Obedience, they feel, should be automatic and unquestioned. Yet to forbid questions greatly discourages the formation of responsibility in …

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Thankful for the ER

I can't believe green slime that glowed could be projectile vomited from deep within my body in such violent force.  My symptoms of stabbing pain in my intestines and back were uncontrollable and came on without warning.  My extremities became heavy and when dizziness made my head feel like it was spinning, I knew I …

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Anger over how You didn’t love me.

I want to love to the best of my ability, to choose to stay in the present so I'm not so focused on my future escape plan from relationships that frustrate me.  I don't know where my next destination is but focusing on the things I hate about my current circumstances is stealing my peace …

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Children Bring it out of Us

Children have a direct connection to Daddy in heaven.  Often times it is our own anxiety and worry that portray the child as being our problem when in reality we have suppressed pain.  In this testimony of working with a 4th grader, I gained insight and spiritual eyesight on a personal subject that God knew …

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