Fire and brimstone

Is fire and brimstone a thing? I came last Thursday night on August 25th and was saddened by the “sermon”. I have to be desperate in order to have Jesus touch me? Do I have to pay the price of faith through fire and brimstone? I should have recorded this dude because he was trying …

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Empathy for Black Culture

I am in the city district for public schools where the white color of my skin poses a problem for my acceptance and ability to impact the children I teach unless I tell them from the moment they enter the classroom that I am an advocate for their rights.  And I am, someone who truly …

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What will self-criticism make you?

I have struggled with critical self-talk just as much as the next guy, but I was only familiar with how it sounded to me.  My harsh treatment towards myself was all I ever knew, it was my norm to berate my decisions and assume the sky was falling in every circumstance I couldn't control.  It …

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