Shake your fists at God

Why can't we express ourselves to God with anger? I'm angry but I'm told to repent and stuff it, how the hell is that being transparent with Daddy? Doesn't He already know why my heart is suffering? I've never adapted well to the "be good" type of Christianity that many appeal to. I know I'm …

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Anger over how You didn’t love me.

I want to love to the best of my ability, to choose to stay in the present so I'm not so focused on my future escape plan from relationships that frustrate me.  I don't know where my next destination is but focusing on the things I hate about my current circumstances is stealing my peace …

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Help yourself

I've been told that my helping others has been a distraction from working on myself.  Geez, isn't the best remedy to inner healing trying to help someone else heal?  What about getting out of my head and focusing on the welfare of another?  That has to do something for lifting the doldrums, right?  Well, not …

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